Ladies, Juniors and Home Decor


She-Sale Categories:

Accessories – Women’s

NO Books of any kind (NEW)
CDs (Music)
Clothing - Lingerie - NWT Only!
Clothing - Swimsuits -  NWT Only!
Clothing - Women’s, Petite Tall and Plus
Costumes - at the Fall sale
Decor - Holiday -
Decor - Garden
Electronics- NEW or like new, (no old  VCRs, DVD players or large fat, TVs.)
Furniture - Small, Medium and Large
Hats - Women’s

Home Decor
Junior - Girls & Fancy Dresses
Kitchenware (NEW or like new)
Serving Dishes
Shoes - Women’s

Prepare Your Items 

 ~Gather things you will need: Card stock (white or light colored 8 1/2 x11, you can buy at Office Depot or Wal-Mart, Target, etc), Ziploc Bags. Safety Pins, cable ties or "zip" ties (buy zip ties at the dollar store or Home Depot) are great to hold things together that you want to sell together -- and plastic hangers (either new ones from the dollar store or ones from clothing stores in your closet). 

~An easy way to attach non clothing tags would be to use a hole punch and put a ribbon or yarn through and tie to the item!

~Gather and organize the items you are selling.
~There is a $3 minimum, so group items together that are worth less than $3.

Accessories – Women’s
Belts, scarves, sunglasses, pantyhose (pantyhose must be NEW in original packaging)…
these will either be displayed on tables or hung from our metal grids, so safety pin your tags to the items. Scarves can be put in zip locks or hung from hangers. Please do not put belts in zip lock bags as they are easier to hang and see if they are hung on the grids.


Comforters, duvet covers, matching pillows and shams ~it is best to package bedding set together in a clear plastic bag with zipper. These can also be purchased at discount stores, or re-use the ones you have at home from recently purchased bedding. (Those new zip lock big bags are great for this!) Try not to overprice your bedding. We know it was expensive, but think about what you would pay for it. PLEASE no dated comforters, large floral comforters in pastel colors will NOT sell!

Sheets: only NEW in packaging sheets will be accepted.

Books –  No books of any kind as of 4/20 - even cookbooks, sorry but they don't sell!

Music CDs will be accepted. Again, feel free to group similar genres of music together in Ziploc bags; attach tag with packing tape to the bag, packing tape the bags closed.

~Clothing must be smoke and odor free! We have a 50 item limit for clothing items (for new as well as returning consignors),  this is so you will bring your BEST items!!!!

~Hang clothing on plastic hangers. Please have the hanger look like a question mark as you are facing the hanger.

~Attach tag on the right shoulder of the garment (as you are facing the garment) with a safety pin, or with a tagging gun. If you do not want to put a pin hole through the right shoulder, pin or tagging gun tag to the inside collar label. Please attach tag with a different pin than you affix the item to the hanger, you do not want to have to have your customer remove the price tag to try the item on!

~Do the “tug test” tug on the item and see if it falls off the hanger, if it does, then place a pin under the shoulder of the garment back to itself to affix the item to the hanger. PLEASE use a different pin to affix the item than you do to affix the price tag. You do not want the customer to have to remove the price tag to try your item on.

~For the Fall Sale, we will be receiving women’s fall and winter clothing (including Holiday dresses), Junior and Maternity clothing, and coats, etc.  For our Spring sale, we will be accepting spring and summer items, lightweight coats and sweaters are fine, jeans are fine, no heavy coats, sweaters, etc.

NOTE: We no longer accept Career Suits -- this is a category that has not done well in the past, so we have decided to eliminate it. 

~All pants should be pinned to a hanger, not folded over, as they tend to end up on the floor. Please do not jam a hanger in a pair of pants. It will ruin the pants and they will look terrible. Safety pin the pants onto a hanger.

~PLEASE do NOT zip tie your pants to the hanger!! We had a few consignors do this at the last sale. It is nearly impossible for someone to try your pants on if they are zip tied to the hanger. Chances are they won’t even want to ask us for scissors, they will just move to the next pair!

~If you are selling a set, top and bottom, the best way to do this is to put them on separate hangers and zip tie the hangers together tightly through the shoulders (not over the top as the zip tie will fall off). This will make it very clear that they go together. The items must be visible without taking them off the hanger -- otherwise everything ends up on the floor. If you have a shirt or something that looks like it might fall off a hanger, it will! Pin it to itself inside the hanger so it is sure to not fall off. We pick many things off of the floor and then they are separated from their other items and it is hard to keep track of.

Clothing - Lingerie - NWT Only!
~We will only take lingerie if it is new with tags. Please pin on a hanger.

Clothing - Swimsuits - NWT Only!
~Because many of you vacation in the winter, we will take swimsuits at the fall sale, however we are only taking NEW with tags swimsuits. Please pin on hanger.

~For all clothing categories, once again place on plastic hangers, and mark sizes appropriately. All clothing should be in style and in excellent condition (no stains, rips or tears)  Please do not be offended if we turn any of your clothing away if it is dated (or too loved)! Don’t forget those holiday dresses, ladies!

Decorative Collectibles
We accept collectibles. This might be Hummel Figurines, Thomas Kinkade, or other decorative things, if you have questions about specific collectibles, please email us at and ask!

Tasteful, adult Halloween costumes will be accepted in the fall.

Have you tried to scrapbook or stamp or make jewelry and time has gotten away from you? Here is a good venue to sell your craft supplies. Adult crafts only please, save your kids craft supplies for our Wee-Sale.

We realize the word décor is very general. We are talking about tasteful home decorations like pillows, wall hangings, nice frames, NEW candles, vases, silk flower arrangements, bookends. Décor should be in style and in excellent condition. Please do not be offended if we turn any of your home décor away if it is dated!

Decor - Holiday

Ok, one category we love – tasteful holiday décor. Please leave the cheesy, chintzy décor at home (or give to charity)! Fall and winter holidays in the  fall, summer holidays at the spring sale.

Decor - Garden

A really fun category: garden figurines, lions, large flower pots (clean please!), garden frogs, gnomes, etc. SMALL patio/porch furniture will be accepted,  email us with any questions at!

It must be a minimum set of 4 matching pieces and it MUST be in good condition, no chips. No random pieces will be accepted.


As with music cds, DVDs (movies) should be PG or older ratings (save your kids DVDs for our Wee-Sale) feel free to group together similar movies in Ziploc bags. We will not accept VCR tapes.

We have accept some electronics. They need to be NEW or “like new”, no old TVS (bid fat ones), DVD, or VCR players. Blue ray players or Flat Screen TVs sell very well and are desirable. No large, old speakers or stereo equipment that is out of date. No computers unless they are less than 2 years old or NEW in the box.

Furniture - Small & Medium, some large
We accept small and medium furniture, end tables, coffee tables, small chairs, small book shelves, etc. If you have larger furniture to sell, please just quickly email us with a photo and let us know what price you are considering to We want to make sure we have enough room for everything that is coming in as we have limited space.

This is a big seller, handbags should be in good condition, clean inside and out, no stains and in style! If you have designer bags, we can only take originals, we are by law not allowed to sell knock offs, sorry!

Hats - Women’s
Hats are fun! Bring your best!

Watches, earrings, necklaces, attach tags to items with safety pins or put in Ziploc bags. Please use SMALL, (snack size if you can get them) zip locks for the jewelry. This enables us to put more on the grid and will allow customers to see your items more clearly. We also recommend taking a small piece of cardboard and put holes to put earrings through, this will allow customers to see the items better!

Junior - Girls
Our shoppers have been begging us to add these categories! Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostal, Baby Phat, Hollister, Juicy, Roxy and more! Clean out your daughter’s closet and sell her outgrown things and then bring her to the sale to shop for more! ~~ Get her involved and let her keep the money she makes!

Junior Fancy Dresses
I know we are early for Prom and late for homecoming, but if your daughter already knows she is going, have her get her dress now at a really great price!

We are accepting NEW in the box or “like new” kitchen ware, gadgets, etc. Please do not bring older, or dirty appliances as they will not be accepted.

Maternity Clothing
The one category we are going to overlap with our Wee-Sale (since everyone is pregnant at different times.) Maternity clothing is expensive! Sell your clothing at our sale; remember to price to sell in this category, especially if it is trendy.

Serving Dishes

Our pre-sale feedback from customers was that many of us have extra serving dishes that we do not use! Ladies would love a place to easily sell (and buy of course) fun things to use for serving. Serving dishes should be in good condition with no cracks or chips. Price to sell!


Slightly different from our Wee-Sale, we will NOT put shoes in Ziplocs as ladies will want to try these on! So use masking tape and tape the tag to the bottom of the shoes and we will set out by size. Use a hole punch and ribbon to affix tags if the tape will damage the shoes! Please bring up to date NEW or “like new” shoes. We are going to be pickier about the shoes we accept as the ones that are not “like new” do not sell!!!!

**We ask that you bring no more than 10 pairs of shoes to one sale