How much do your consignors earn?

~40% - Too Busy? Let us hang, tag and enter your items, you earn 40% and shop early with the consignors! Email us up to two weeks before the sale for this option. This will allow our taggers to prepare your items in a timely manner.

~55% - Hang, tag, and enter your items yourself, shop during our pre-sale and earn 55% of your sales.
~60% - Hang, tag, and enter your items yourself, help out at the sale by working 4 hours, earn your $10 consignor fee back, shop earlier during our pre-sale and earn 60% of your sales.
~65% - Hang, tag, and enter your items yourself, help out at the sale by working 8 hours (or 2 - 4 hour shifts), earn your $10 consignor fee back, and shop even earlier during our pre-sale and earn 65% of your sales 
NEW-- Your 2nd shift MUST be on a Sunday to take advantage of this extra percentage. 

Ladies, Juniors and Home Decor


When is your next sale?
Our next She-Sale will be May 4th - May 7th 2023

Is there a fee to consign?
~Yes, there is a $10 consignor fee payable as you register.
~This fee is non-refundable if you decide not to consign, this helps us pay for our computer system.
~You can earn this $10 back by helping out at the sale for a 4 hour shift or 8 hour shift, see our "team member" page for available shifts. NEW If you want to earn 65%, your 2nd shift has to be on Sunday.

Do you have to be a consignor to be a "team member" and shop early?

Yes, due to rulings by the Department of Labor have necessitated us to change our policy on this. You now MUST be a consignor to be a "team member" and enjoy being able to shop early.

How does the computer entry work?
~Once you have registered to consign (on the left), you will gather your items and enter a description and price for each item into our system.

How do I prepare my items for sale, and what categories are you selling?

NOTE: We will no longer be taking "Career Suits" at the Sale due to this being a very low selling category for us.

What do you NOT take?

~We no longer accept "Career Suits"

~As of Spring 20 we will no longer be taking cookbooks, so no books of any kind, sorry but they just don't sell!

~We will not take clothing over 5 years old (unless it is classic style upon our discretion)
~We will no longer be taking books and baskets (unless they are longaberger baskets)

~Clothing or bedding that smell smoky or have odors
~Items that are stained, ripped, torn or too “loved”
~Socks, lingerie or swimsuits that are not new
~Pajamas or bathrobes that are not new
~OLD TVs, computers or electronics.
~Large furniture – Please email us with photo of large furniture to make sure we can fit it and it is appropriate to the sale before you bring it. Send email to
~OLD/dirty Kitchen gadgets, we will accept new in the box kitchenware or “like new” kitchenware.
~Random household items or tools (sorry this is not a garage or a flea sale!)
~If you have any questions about items, please email us at and ask!

~Men's Clothing or Shoes

Is there a minimum number of items to consign?
Yes, we have a new minimum number of items to consign, you need to have 30 items to consign with the She-Sale.

Is there maximum number of items consigned?

~YES, there is a maximum of 50 clothing items you may bring to the sale (for new as well as returning consignors). So please choose your best items and please price to sell! Women's clothing does not sell as well as kids clothing so you really have to price things aggressively to sell them.

~PLEASE NOTE: our sale is growing to its capacity, so we will be being more picky with our inspection process so don't be offended if we decide not to take some of your items!
~We also have a  maximum for shoes, only 10 pair of shoes per consignor will be allowed. Please choose your best to bring!
NOTE: the maximum is ONLY for clothing and shoes, you may bring as many other items as you choose.

How do I decide how much to charge for my items?
~Think about what you would pay for something that is lightly used, click here to see a pricing guide of suggestions.

How do I get my items to you and when?
~You will drop your items off at our sale the days preceding the sale. See our main page for specific days and times.

HUBBY CUBBY: At the She-Sale we have added a "Hubby Cubby" an area with men's items, Tools, camping, sports memorabilia and accessories. Stay tuned for more information.

Click here to see what things we accept for the "hubby cubby"

When do I pick up unsold items? Is it possible to donate them to charity if I don't want to see them again?
~You may either pick up your unsold items on the last afternoon of the sale (see main page for times) or donate them to charity.
If you donate your items, they will be available for sale for $1 during our "dollar dash for charity" sale on Sunday (for consignors & volunteers) If you do not want this to happen, please arrange to pick up your items and mark them accordingly in the system.

How soon will I get paid after the sale?
~You will receive your check via snail-mail within three weeks of the sale. We also offer the ability to receive electronic payments.

Will I be able to check my sales online as I do for Wee-Sale?

~Yes, sales will be uploaded to our website each night so you can see them!

Charity Receipts for your Taxes

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