Ladies, Juniors and Home Decor


"Hubby Cubby" Categories:
No clothing or shoes will be sold.

Tools – NEW or Like New Condition (no dirty, old tools)

~Hand tools (sets) – IE: no individual screwdrivers, etc

~Hand Power tools – MUST BE WORKING CONDITION, AND LOOK NICE no old, ratty tools from your grandfathers basement from 1960.

~Larger power tools if they are in the box new or like new condition. Please email us at to ask about anything larger than a suitcase size.

~Garden Tools

~No loose hardware or random accessories


~Tents in working order (no rips tears, zippers need to be working and all parts included)

If selling a tent, please assemble the tent, take a photo to attach to the bag unless there is a photo on the box or bag of the tent – we will not have room to display the tents. Also write on the tag how many sleep in the tent (2,4,6,8)

~camping accessories, lanterns, stoves (in working order and clean), etc.

Sports Memorabilia

~baseball cards, signed balls, signed photos, etc


~Belts (LIMIT 5 belts per consignor)

~Ties (LIMIT 5 ties per consignor)

~seasonal hats (knit in fall sale, baseball type in spring sale)

(hats must be “nice” good quality hats, no “give away” cheap hats, please use your judgement)

~fall sale: scarves, gloves

Please email us with any questions about this category at