Ladies, Juniors and Home Decor

Can I join your team if I am not a consignor?
No, we are sorry, you must be a consignor to join our team and have the benefits of shopping early.

Is there a minimum number of items to consign if I wanted to join your team?
Yes, we have a new minimum number of items of 30 items. If you have fewer, large ticket items you would like to sell, please email us at

What would I be doing if I worked?
~Setting up the space, receiving items, organizing the sales floor, helping check people out, packing up donated items and taking racks down!

Can my husband or partner/friend work for me?
Absolutely! We especially would love husband help during our rack-moving days!

Could my teenage daughter work?
Yes, teenagers are great helpers!

Can I bring my younger children with me when I come to work?
No, younger children should be left at home.

If I cannot work my shift at the last minute what do I do?
We really rely on our team members! If you have an emergency and cannot fulfill your shift, we would like you to work the next available shift. Consider finding a friend or family member to work your shift for you. Please call us so we can discuss at 443-601-9422

Why should I help out?
~Join our team and shop early during our pre-sale (get the best selection)!
~Help out at our sale and have your $10 consignor fee refunded.
~Work 4 hours and earn 60% of your sales!
~Work 8 hours and earn 65% of your sales!

NEW: If you work two shifts one shift must be on a Sunday.